an update on dublin life

Hi y’all. It’s been awhile.  I must say, I have been remiss in writing about life adventures the past few months as life has started to become more concrete here, and as such, my focus on blogging has taken a bit of a back seat. So, I’ll do my best to update y’all on what has been going on and then publish some (belated) blogs on the great adventures I’ve been having over here.

First, I finished my MBA in late June! YAY!! Can’t believe its done and I have a Master’s degree! How crazy is that?! Post-completion of my MBA, I flew to Dallas, Texas to surprise my mom for her 60th birthday.  I got to spend ten days with the family and it was simply fabulous.  Here are some of my favorite pics/memories from the trip:

Being poolside most everyday and soaking up all the summer sun. Summer in Texas is so much different then summer in Ireland (think heat)!

Eating all the TexMex that I could stomach. I think we went to three TexMex restaurants while I was in town. So. Much. Goodness.

Family bowling night to celebrate Mom’s 60th Birthday party.  We had a fabulous time! This is happening again over Thanksgiving.  Get. Hyped.

Making ridiculous SnapChats with my lil’ sis. Fabulous.

Eating a Five Guys Double Cheeseburger with Special Sauce.  This is all a girl needs in life. ;).

Cooling off in the pool with freshly manicured feet after long runs. Ideal.

All these pups and the love they give. I miss them so much already! Can’t wait to see them over Thanksgiving ❤️

And finally, those good ole’ Texas sunsets. I mean, they truly are perfection.

Once I got back from the states, I took a month off to decompress and refocus my thoughts on what I wanted from my career now that the MBA was complete.  From that time off came a desire to start my own small business.  The small business idea is just in the brainstorming phase and its subject is one of my life passions – photography.  As a start, I have enrolled in a 7-week DSLR Photography course at the Dublin School of Photography and am hoping to hone some of my skills along the way. More to come on that.  I am also contributing an essay to a soon-to-be-self-published e-book that myself and few lovely ladies are working on. The concept is around why Millennials and Gen X’ers are leaving organized religion. It’s been quite a challenging essay to write. But, I look forward to seeing it all come together. Meanwhile, I am deep in the throes of the job hunt here in Ireland.  But, I have yet to find a job that’s right for me.  Though frustrating at times, Ger does really well to keep me encouraged as the search continues.  #hereshopingsomethingsticks.

I have also joined an organization, the American Women’s Club of Dublin (AWCD), that I’ve found to be quite beneficial to me as an ex-pat. Sharing the sentiment of missing all things American and discussing similar adjustments made to life here in Ireland makes me feel a little less crazy for feeling the way I do: moving to a foreign country is HARD y’all! I am currently co-coordinating Girls Nights Out for AWCD in an effort to meet more people and attending other monthly meet-ups as well (Coffee Chats, Euchre Nights, and more).  It has been a blessing to have these ladies in my life and to have met new friends along the way!

Ger and I have started hosting Sunday Night Football Meetups at our place in Dublin as well! We invite friends over, cook some American-style appetizers, drink beer and wine, enjoy a great chat, and watch the 1PM NFL games from the states.  It has been a really fun experience and we are delighted to host great times on Sunday evenings! It has honestly helped to make the transition to living in Ireland so much easier 🙂 #nflforthewin.

We’ve also started to “check ourselves before we wreck ourselves” when it comes to physical fitness. As a result, Ger joined a hurling team, tag rugby team, and soccer team. Talk about lots of stuff going on ;).  I  joined a boxing gym for two weekly sessions of HIIT training as well as a local pool to get back into swimming. My poor joints need a break from all the running. At the start, it was a push, but, we are finally getting back into the swing of things. Before no time we will modeling again, JUST KIDDING! But, really, you forget how nice it is to be in shape until you are in shape ;)!

Also on our radar is getting our Irish Driver Licenses. Ger is getting signed up for driving courses and I still need to take my Learner’s Permit Test.  I’ll admit, it’s not something that’s top of my list of things to do, but, it has to be done. Slowly but surely I am getting there. Ger will hopefully be driving before we know it and purchasing a car will be our next prerogative.  I truly can’t wait to be able to explore parts of country that are only accessible via car and not rail! There is so much to do and see in Ireland, we haven’t even scratched the surface! YAY to more Irish adventures.

We have been traveling a bit here and there as I mentioned earlier.  We’ve ventured to the beaches of North Devon, England (Ger for work, me for play), Cork in Ireland (where Ger went to University), Mallow in Ireland for Isabella’s Christening (Ger is now a Godfather), and London, England for the Miami Dolphins vs New Orleans Saints NFL game.  We’ve also made our way back to Cashel in Ireland numerous times to visit with Ger’s family (so much goodness there!). I’ve completed a day trip or two on my own as well – exploring the Wicklow Mountains along with Glendalough and Howth.  So many blogs to write! LOL.

On that note, I’ll consider this as good an update that can be written.  Hopefully you are all doing well! Until next time – Sláinte!

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