céad míle fáilte

March 4, 2017 is the day that Gerald and I were married in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina: a barefoot beach wedding ceremony, an ocean-side reception in a dream home, and some late-night swimming in a heated pool. I can honestly say it was magical; a perfect day. After our “mini-moon” in Savannah, Georgia (what a romantic place), we arrived in Dublin, Ireland to start married life.

📸 Celia G Photographie

A few weeks later, after an intense search (the housing crisis is real in Dublin), we finally found a fabulous apartment in the city that’s perfect for two. It has a new kitchen with lovely blue subway tiles, a brand new grey marble bathroom, a decorative old fireplace, big windows that let in lots of light, and a balcony with views of  the Dublin Mountains (ah-mazing).  About Ireland.

Produce is so friggin’ fresh. Journeying to the market to get fruit and veggies, the bakery for fresh bread, and the butcher for meat is a fabulous life change; one that I would highly recommend. We are trying new recipes almost every day – some Irish, some not so Irish. Ger and I also try a new local restaurant every couple of weeks. Being a foodie, that is something that I look forward to.

Oh, y’all, the Irish Sea is a mere 20-minute walk away!  Seaside walks are truly good for the soul and with the water so close, they are becoming a habit. Exploring the local beaches, seaside towns, and jumping in the 40-foot are high on the list of things for us to do this summer. There a few lighthouses around as well and exploring those are on the docket. There’s something about lighthouses, isn’t there?

Public transit in and around the city is excellent, so exploring the area is easily done. That is great news for me as I must begin the process of getting an Irish license. The US license means nothing for residents, so, I have to take a test to obtain a learner’s permit, participate in 12 driving lessons over six months, and take a driving test – all on the opposite side of the road and while driving a manual vehicle.  I feel like a 16-year old again. Oh, the joys 😉

People in Dublin are so kind and welcoming. I’ve met numerous folks who’ve offered advice about the city, suggestions for things to do, and friendship. People here want to make sure we’re settled comfortably into Irish life and I can’t reiterate how grateful we are. The O’Sullivan’s and the extended Irish family have been really supportive and loving as well; we are so very lucky to be surrounded by such warmth.

I have so very much to learn about Irish culture, history, and life.  But, that’s part of living in a brand new country that is an ocean apart from the familiar. What an adventure we have begun.  Slán go fóill. 

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